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Best Practices: Creating Community using Glossary


As educators, we know that communication is important in any learning environment, and that, in the online world, communication is critical to student success and satisfaction.

The New Outcomes System: Three Ways to Assess Learning


The New Outcome system was created by Moodlerooms to meet the needs of instructors in assessing their students on competency based learning.

Top Ten Moodle Course Design No-Nos


So… you’ve read all the blogs and articles you can find telling you what you should do when designing Moodle courses, but you’re still not 100% happy with what you’ve developed?

Using Filters to Enhance Moodle Courses


Did you know that Moodle provides teachers with the possibility of using filters to enhance the appearance of their courses?

My Top 8 Favorite Moodle Features


I hope everyone is having an excellent 2014! At the beginning of the year, I like to create a to-learn list that identifies items I want to study or research more throughout the year.

Best Practices: Using Moodle Badges to Gamify Learning

As educators, we know that engagement is important in any learning environment and that the ways in which we build engagement into our courses will often vary wildly given our classroom need, our curriculum, our s

Moodle Course and Site Settings for Teaching using Groups


Determining group settings can affect how a non-editing teacher is able to view and interact with groups in a course, ranging from seeing all students in a course to only viewing the students added to a particular group.

Best Practices: Diving into Designing Databases


The Moodle Database activity module allows the teacher and/or students to build, display, and search a bank of record entries about any conceivable topic.

How to Start Using xpLor in Moodlerooms


Have you ever wished to create learning objects in one place and use them in multiple online courses? What about applying the same quiz in courses created in different Learning Management Systems?