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Community Initiatives

As a Moodle Partner, it is our pledge to provide you with the tools and services you need to run a successful learning management system that surpasses your goals.

Moodle Community

Creating, maintaining, documenting, and translating software into 78 languages in more than 190 countries, offers numerous points of community interaction.

An average of 9000 users participate each month in the Using Moodle discussion forums at These educators and technologists are amongst a pool of 1.2 million individuals who have registered and participated in the discussion over the past ten years. Join the discussion and bring your new ideas to the table.

Every year, Moodle users gather around the world at conferences called MoodleMoots. In 2012, these included seventeen Moots in thirteen countries.   During the summer of 2012, the Moodle community also enjoyed the first Research Conference, which delved into scientific papers regarding instruction and pedagogy with the Moodle platform.

Documentation for Moodle is maintained by Moodle HQ and a community of contributors. Each version of the code has its own set of Mediawiki documents that focus on primary functionality, as well as help in setting up sites and maintaining them. These documents are also translated in more than six languages, including German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Croatian.

Issues and feature requests with the software can be tracked by anyone in the community in the Moodle Tracker. Although these assets are open and available, because of the special nature of educational communities, any issue that might be labeled as security will enter a security workflow which will addresses the issues in the code and communicates any problems to all registered site administrators about a security code release.

Developers who are interested in helping write and maintain Moodle have full documentation to get started with guidelines, architecture, process, etc..  Contributions made by our excellent Moodlerooms developers are available for review in the community, as well.