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Joule for Higher Ed

Students work online and they meet across tables. They flow through a complex and changing combination of schools, programs, courses, technologies, and learning needs. Instructors are challenged to create, arrange, personalize, and track instruction for students across all of these environments and events. With online classrooms from Moodlerooms, instructors can make these complex tasks both simple and manageable, while increasing rates of satisfaction and student engagement. Learn more >

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Improving the things that matter in an LMS

For professors and students, time is precious. We know they have a lot to do without a ton of time to do it. That's why we invest our energies on making complex teaching and learning tasks both simple and manageable. We do this by streamlining and improving the LMS features that matter, so that they have more time to be on the same page, even if they need to be on thousands of different ones.
User Interface: 
Everything you need—nothing you don’t. Joule’s interface provides users with a sleek  look and feel that lets every professor setup their classroom the way they want it and choose the features they need. Oh, and if you or your students are having trouble, in-program help bubbles provide quick how-to tutorials to get you where you need to go. 
The Joule Gradebook simplifies the grading experience for professors and students and provides useful tools that truly impact the teaching and learning process. With many time-saving features, the Joule Gradebook provides a central interface so that teachers can quickly grade assignments, check completion and easily send messages to students if needed.
Easy Course Building: 
Gone are the days of spending hours building out your online course. Now, professors can build courses in a fraction of the time by simply dragging their own files and instructional content directly from the desktop and into the course.
Personalized Learning Designer: 
Every student learns in their own unique way. With the Personalized Learning Designer (PLD), professors can set up specific learning paths so that students have different online experiences based on their interactions with content or performance within assignments and activities. Professors can easily set up rules and automated notifications in each learning path so they can quickly identify key student behaviors and take action to remediate or accelerate student learning.
Rubrics, a simple scoring tool that can be applied to subjective assessments, give professors an easier way to inform students of an assignment’s grading criteria and grade those assignments more quickly. 

You can use Joule for online learning, to create courses, and access these courses on demand, anytime, anywhere. You can use Joule to collaborate with your peers, students, and instructors through forums, chats, blogs and web conferencing and you can track student participation. You can use Joule for distance learning, to continue learning beyond the lecture hall, or in place of the lecture hall. You can use Joule to connect to your campus- staff, students and other systems.

How does Joule benefit me?


Joule gives you the training and resources you need, including grading and individualized learning methods to be the instructor you’ve always wanted to be.   Learn More >


You can communicate with peers and instructors on forums, access your courses online anytime, so you’ll always be connected and will never stop learning.   Learn More >



You’ll meet performance standards, integrate systems and implement effective teaching and learning methods.  You’ll have pride in your school, staff and students.  Learn More >

Technical Team

You’ll use a cloud-hosted Moodle solution to maintain a stable, reliable and flexible learning system for all of your users.  Learn More >