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Joule for Higher Ed

Students work online and they meet across tables. They flow through a complex and changing combination of schools, programs, courses, technologies, and learning needs. Instructors are challenged to create, arrange, personalize, and track instruction for students across all of these environments and events. With online classrooms from Moodlerooms, instructors can make these complex tasks both simple and manageable, while increasing rates of satisfaction and student engagement. Learn more >

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Make everyone happy, meet standards, stay within your budget, and love Joule.

We get it- there’s a lot at stake. From multiple systems and departments to budget considerations and staff and student satisfaction, there are many items to be considered before choosing the online learning platform that’s best for your school. Take a look at how Joule can make your job easier, and your users happier.

  • Standards: Whether trying to meet or surpass standards created by your institution or the state, standards will always be a challenge. With Joule, you can track performance and activity to determine what programs, courses and pieces of content are most effective. How, you ask? With reporting, use notifications and role-based access, you’ll have access to all of the information you need.
  • Conduit: Course enrollment doesn’t have to be a headache. Conduit makes the process of rolling over courses and managing drop/adds each term faster and easier. Administrators can automate user and course management tasks such as enrolling users, authenticating passwords, and reusing courses using a course templating feature.
  • SIS Integration: With Joule, you can automate enrollments and get a full, 360 degree view of your students by integrating with industry-standard SIS systems.
  • Connected Campus: Your whole campus can be connected with Joule while giving each department the ability to conduct learning in a manner that fits.
  • Disaster Recovery: We’ve got you covered. With an active contingency site and disaster recovery plan, we provide fail-safe data backups in the event of a catastrophic event or large-scale outage.
  • Course Conversion: Coming from another LMS? We can convert your existing courses so you don’t lose the work you’ve already put in.