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Joule for Higher Ed

Students work online and they meet across tables. They flow through a complex and changing combination of schools, programs, courses, technologies, and learning needs. Instructors are challenged to create, arrange, personalize, and track instruction for students across all of these environments and events. With online classrooms from Moodlerooms, instructors can make these complex tasks both simple and manageable, while increasing rates of satisfaction and student engagement. Learn more >

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It's your time to create courses that complement your most effective teaching methods to meet your students' needs.

You’ll be able to do everything you want (and more) easily with Joule so that you have more time to focus on what really matters.

  • Joule Grader: Joule grader allows you to grade individual assignments, provide comments and move to the next piece submitted. It also allows you to use advanced grading methods such as checklists and rubrics. Grading doesn’t have to be a hassle.
  • Advanced Forums: You can create anonymous forums, sort posts in a forum by individual student, identify posts that need review and receive e-mail postings related to single topics rather than an entire forum. You can send a private reply to a post that can only be seen by the student that made the original post. You can also grade the post while viewing it, so that you can refer back to the content as needed.
  • Comparison Reports: You can report on participant summaries, compare participants in a course or compare activities in a course to see how your students are performing and what methods are most effective.
  • Webcam: You can easily capture an audio or video recording with your computer’s built in webcam and post it anywhere in Joule where you can type a message to communicate and engage with students.
  • Personalized Learning Designer: Accelerate or remediate learning based on a student’s experience in a course. Your students will get the individualized attention they need and you’ll still be able to do everything else you have on your plate.