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Joule for Higher Ed

Students work online and they meet across tables. They flow through a complex and changing combination of schools, programs, courses, technologies, and learning needs. Instructors are challenged to create, arrange, personalize, and track instruction for students across all of these environments and events. With online classrooms from Moodlerooms, instructors can make these complex tasks both simple and manageable, while increasing rates of satisfaction and student engagement. Learn more >

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You’ll have the resources you need to get the most out of your college experience.

Managing a full course load and excelling in those courses is a difficult task. Joule helps make that easier for you.

  • Advanced Grading Methods: With checklist and rubric advanced grading methods, you can reference criteria that your professor has created for the assignment, to ensure you are meeting their requirements. No more surprises.
  • Advanced Forums: Forums are a great way to earn participation, express your ideas and have discussions with classmates and teachers. With anonymous forums, you can make anonymous posts to a forum while still getting credit. This really makes the forum all about the topic at hand. Your posts will also show up in a different color than your instructor, so you can prioritize posts based on importance.
  • Webcam: You can easily capture an audio or video recording with your computer’s built in webcam and post it anywhere in Joule where you can type a message. Add some life to your course material!
  • Personalized Learning Designer: We understand that everyone learns at a different pace and in different ways. That’s why we’re excited to share the PLD with you. Depending on your interaction with a course, you’ll receive personalized attention to meet your needs. Whether you need extra help or are ahead of the curve, the personalized learning designer will help you to succeed in your courses.