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Meet Joule

Joule is here to save the day. Not just today, but every day moving forward. With effective teaching and learning tools to create modern, customized online courses, teaching and learning will never be the same.

Features & Services

Joule’s features and services are here to work with you and for you.

We have it all. From hosting, implementation, support, training, course conversion, and customization to our teaching, learning and administration features, Joule is ready to work for you. We have the time and the resources to work with you to decide what matters most to your learning program and to apply it. This way, you can allocate your time and resources to other areas of your program- like teaching and learning. With Moodle at its core, Joule is flexible, scalable and reliable enough to support your users, your plug-ins, your courses, your content, your needs and you.