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Joule is here to save the day. Not just today, but every day moving forward. With effective teaching and learning tools to create modern, customized online courses, teaching and learning will never be the same.

Moodlerooms Training & Support Plans

We've Got Your Back!

Moodlerooms Training: 

Training options for MoodleRooms/Joule come in various forms to accommodate different learning styles. 
  • Online Courses: You’ll learn about the power of Joule and will receive one-on-one feedback with the course facilitator and other participants. 
  • Webinar Courses: You’ll be given a guided tour through Joule and can participate in these courses synchronously in your own time. 
  • TRAIN Packages: Include a variety of materials that an organization’s master instructional team may use to train their learning constituents. 
  • Onsite Workshop Training: Select members of our team join your administrators and educators for face-to-face training and an extensive Q&A session to make sure you have all of the answers you need. 
  • Consulting Services: The professionals on the Learning Solutions team are experts in Moodle/Joule and are available to consult with your organization on a variety of e-learning initiatives.  


Through our client engagement team model, customer support portal, and endless community support, we’ve got your back from every angle. You’ll be assigned to a client engagement team from day 1 to answer questions or issues that arise, deliver implementation, configuration and consulting services and to resolve any technical issues that you may come across. Our team will know your team and your site from the inside out. Your site administrators can submit support tickets by phone or through our support portal with any questions or issues that may arise and they will have access to a detailed knowledge base of help and support information. We’ll provide e-mail news alerts when issues surrounding your site are found, whether security updates, new version releases, or we’d just like to check in. We also have certain end user support options available. Contact us to find out more
  • Administrator Support: If you are a site administrator for your institution, you can login to the Moodlerooms support portal to submit support tickets anytime, anywhere:
  • End-User Support: If you are an end-user looking for support, check out our handy self-help video tutorials and documentation in the Resources section of our website. If you have a question that requires additional resources, please contact your institution's site administrator and they can submit a support ticket (provided by your institution). 
  • Community Support: With more than 60 million users worldwide, Moodle and Moodlerooms have very active support communities. From core Moodle documentation to forums and FAQ's, you have extensive options to find the answer you are looking for. 


A note from our customer: 

"Don't be afraid to invest in training. Whether migrating from another system or starting fresh, get your key administrators in training. The Moodlerooms administrator training was extremely helpful and since the quality of courses is everything, I can't recommend it enough. Training doesn't cost, it pays you back in dividends. It contributes to the quality of your courses and that translates into the student experience. Their experience is everything. If the effort is half-baked, the system won’t be excellent and that’s just not acceptable." Paul Tannahill | eLearning Systems Administrator, Linn-Benton Community College