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Tight budget? Need to teach and learn from a distance, meet state standards or provide individualized learning to students? How about about communicate with other teachers and parents? With Joule, we have you covered. You’ll get the best of Moodle, many useful features and support to help you every step of the way so you can get down to teaching and learning. How’s that for peace of mind? Learn more >

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With Joule, keep track of student, teacher and school performance, and take the necessary steps to hit those standards out of the park.

You have to do what’s best for your school or district. Joule gives you the tools to do so.

  • State standards? District and Parent expectations? With Joule, we take out the guess work so you can track and report on the data you need. Joule’s comparison reports allow you to report on individual and course progress to see how your students and teachers are performing.
  • Training? We also understand it’s difficult for faculty to adopt a program without training. Our dynamic training offerings, that include webinar, face-to-face, Moodlerooms and self-facilitated options, give teachers and administrators what they need to succeed. After all, satisfied and effective faculty = Happy Administration.
  • Security? Our state of the industry hosting architecture will provide security and monitoring to keep faculty, student and parent information safe. We also have user-based access, so you, your faculty, and students can access to different parts of Joule if you so choose.
  • How about transitioning from another system, or growing within Joule? We’ve got those covered too. Moodlerooms has an extensive migration path that can take you from your current LMS to Joule and to accommodate more users and features as it grows.

That should just about cover it. Any other questions?