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Tight budget? Need to teach and learn from a distance, meet state standards or provide individualized learning to students? How about about communicate with other teachers and parents? With Joule, we have you covered. You’ll get the best of Moodle, many useful features and support to help you every step of the way so you can get down to teaching and learning. How’s that for peace of mind? Learn more >

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Create courses that complement your teaching style and meet students’ individual learning needs.

With Joule, you’ll be able to communicate with parents, administrators and students to create your ideal learning environment.

You’ll have the freedom and resources you need to create interactive, engaging, informative, and...FUN lessons for your students. With options for a fully online classroom or a traditional classroom with online components, you’ll be more excited than ever to create lesson plans and see where the year takes you. You’ll be able to create an online learning experience that implements various teaching methods, allowing you to reach students who learn in different ways. With helpful administrative tools such as Joule grader and advanced grading methods like lists and rubrics you’ll be able to set expectations for students on assignments and review and grade assignments one at a time. The Personalized Learning Designer gives teachers the opportunity to create individualized learning paths based on a student’s experience in the course. What about administrator and parent interaction, you ask? With comparison reports, you can track student and course progress for your own knowledge or provide insight to administrators interested in meeting and surpassing standards. You’ll also be able to communicate with parents to answer questions, make announcements or discuss student progress when it is convenient for you.