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Meet Joule

Joule LMS gives you simple but powerful tools to deliver engaging content and activities to learners in online courses. You'll save time and effort while tracking learning progress with innovative tools and personalized instruction. Joule is a fully supported learning management system (LMS) that combines open-source Moodle with enhancements and services to allow institutions to focus on teaching and learning.

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Joule LMS has a lot to offer, but you might not know where to start. Sales representatives are ready and waiting to take you on a Joule demo. Learn More

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You might just want to dive right in. With our 15-day guided free trial, you'll be able to explore Joule on your own, with the help of our personalized learning designer as your guide. Learn More

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Features & Services


Openness is a requirement that we live by at Moodlerooms. With open-source, your opportunities are endless and your dreams finally turn into reality.

Cloud Architecture

For five years, we've created peace of mind by delivering new Moodle experiences on the cloud. We've gotten pretty good at it, and we think you'll like the benefits.

Blackboard xpLor

Now it's easy to create, find and curate quality content in one place; deliver it to students through their LMS; and share the most successful content with the world. Don't worry, you're not dreaming.

Personalized Learning Designer

Experience is everything. Re-mediate or accelerate learning paths based on an individual student's performance within a course.

Joule Reports

Track your students as a whole or individually, track course activity, across courses, programs, semesters or years. It's not just reporting, it's progress.

Joule Grader

Grading made easy. With an interface that focuses on one student assignment at a time, you'll have greater access to advanced grading options and more complete feedback

Pricing Models

Joule LMS pricing is based on user blocks, storage, services, training and required features that you'd like on your site. If you'd like to learn more about pricing, please contact our sales team for a quote based on your specific needs. After all, we want to give you what you want and need nothing more, nothing less. Learn More >

Training & Support

There's no you in team. Luckily, our teams are here to support you and train you anyway. With in house support facilitated by our client engagement teams and multiple training options to meet your needs, you'll never have to fend for yourself again. Learn More >