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Teaching and learning doesn't stop when you enter the ‘real world’. A solid online training program will impact your employee success and customer satisfaction just as thoughtful community engagement will impact your brand, culture and cause. Joule is here to make that impact a positive one so you can take your company or organization to take it to the next level. Learn more >

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You can keep track of overall performance and activity to determine what training programs are most effective in increasing productivity, efficiency and understanding of material.

Joule gives you options: to connect, track, brand, scale, collaborate and integrate your employees.

  • Corporate Training: You can easily create courses in Joule to set up simple or complex training plans for your employees. With on-demand training access, employees can continue learning when they’re not at their desks.
  • Branding: Your training program and Joule instance can be fully branded to meet your corporate needs; after all your identity is what makes you great.
  • Collaboration: Joule’s communication tools allow you to share ideas and collaborate via messaging, forums and blogs in a controlled and secure environment. Your ideas are valuable and we want to make sure they’re protected.
  • Reporting: With our reporting and tracking capabilities, you can assess employee progress within a course to see what courses are most effective.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: With open-source Moodle at its core, Joule gives you the option to be flexible and scalable. You can add or remove users and storage at any time at a lower cost than other proprietary systems and can integrate with a number of third party programs, such as Salesforce.

The best part (no, we haven’t told you that, yet)? We provide the necessary infrastructure and support services you need, so your IT staff can focus on other critical tasks important to your organizations success.