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Teaching and learning doesn't stop when you enter the ‘real world’. A solid online training program will impact your employee success and customer satisfaction just as thoughtful community engagement will impact your brand, culture and cause. Joule is here to make that impact a positive one so you can take your company or organization to take it to the next level. Learn more >

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You'll be able to train employees on key organizational messages, build community awareness around your cause and report on valuable metrics to make sure you're properly allocating resources.

As a Software-as-a-Service platform based on open-source Moodle, Joule is a scalable and cost effective course creation and communication tool. Through the use of structured courses, forums, blog posts, reporting and even assignment and grading modules, you’ll be able to train your employees to create a consistent message and focus for your organization. In addition, Joule can help you manage your daily tasks at a low cost while raising awareness and building community relationships for your organization in a safe and secure environment. User roles and access can create organizational structure to deliver your message to the right people at the right time. We also realize that you might use other systems on a daily basis so your organization can be successful. Luckily, as an open-source platform, we integrate with a number of third party systems, so all of your information is connected in one place. Our price points are based on storage and user count, so you are in control; you have the ability to increase or decrease storage or user at any time to meet the needs of your organization. With custom branding options, Joule can help you escalate brand awareness from the inside out.